This New Muppet May Look Like The Others, But Her Role Is Going To Be So Important

“Sesame Street” has been a childhood mainstay since 1969 and has also served as a pioneer in kids’ entertainment ever since.

Over the years, they’ve tackled everything from the ABCs to discussing diversity in a way that’s engaging and fun for little ones. For decades, kids have grown up loving Big Bird and Snuffaluffagus, but kids today should be so excited to meet the newest member of the “Sesame Street” family.

Her name is Julia, and the story behind this cute character is something that will make kids with disabilities feel loved, seen, and included.

Julia will be coming to a TV near you starting in April, and what’s so special about her is that she is on the autism spectrum.

Julia’s gender is also significant, because many experts feel that autism spectrum disorders are under-diagnosed in girls.

While creating Julia’s character, writers worked hard to keep in mind that not all forms of autism are the same. But in this cute little Muppet, they feel they’ve found some common ground to make kids with autism feel special and included. They made sure to team up with organizations, teachers, and families that are familiar with autism in kids so that Julia would do them justice.

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