Billy Payne sidesteps question of potential female membership!/JasonSobelGC/status/187559903429279745

Masters chairman Billy Payne sidesteps question on female membership. Says issues of membership are subject to "private deliberations"

— Sam Borden (@SamBorden) April 4, 2012

Getting rowdy in interview room w/Billy Payne being pestered with women/membership questions. Payne: "Thank you for your question, sir."

— Teddy Greenstein (@TeddyGreenstein) April 4, 2012

Augusta Chairman Billy Payne says lack of female members at the club is a "private members' issue" and wouldn't comment further

— Today's Golfer (@TheTodaysGolfer) April 4, 2012

Billy Payne says it is very important to "grow the game." Apparently not at Augusta with women members, however. #Masters

— Dave Andrews (@PopsandSunshine) April 4, 2012

Note: Billy Payne is chairman of the Augusta National Golf Club, also home to the World-famous Masters Tournament.

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